Saturday, June 21, 2014

Horrifyingly funny translations around China - you will definitely laugh...

Have you ever imagined having a glass of “Cock Light” or “Whiskey & Cock”? Maybe you might like to try a plate of “Sixi Roasted Husband” !
Check out the most horrifying translations found around China. They really need to get a good translator..

F*ck Vegetables!

Funny-Chinese-Mistranslation-01“干菜” means dried vegetables and “类” means type. So as a whole, it should be the dried vegetables section. The translator was way too concerned about the Chinese character “干” which is also a slang for f***.” (Image credits:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fly from just RM49 all in fare!!!!

Until we meet again.
Fly to any Firefly domestic destinations for all-in price from RM49* one-way.
Book now until 29 Jun 2014.
Travel from 30 Jun until 28 Mar 2015.

Social Responsibility at The Mad Monkey

In June, The Mad Monkey Siem Reap hostel started their water wells campaign. They hold a once a month pool party called "Drunk As Hell For Water Wells" and 50% of all takings from this party go to build new water wells in Cambodia.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Dear friends

Sawatdi khrap from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

We are delighted to inform you that Thailand has returned to normal, following the coup impose by National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), to maintain Peace & Order. 

Curfew time has been reduced to 00.01 – 04.00 hours in Bangkok and most parts of Thailand. Most local businesses, shops and restaurants have reverted back operating hours as it was before.

Splash out time at Desa Waterpark with family

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wat Thmey- Siem Reap's Killing Fields Memorial

Wat Thmey is about 3 km from the centre of Siem Reap along the exit road from Angkor. If you go past the back of the Jayavaraman VII hospital heading out of town, it's on the left. Most tuk tuk drivers and tour guides know it.
It is a small active Pagoda, with a not-very-inspiring statue of Buddha. The hall it's in is quite nicely decorated and you could spend a good couple of minutes there looking around. Outside there are the homes for the monks, and a teaching hall.

The story of ALLICE - Resorts World Genting.. A truly COOL adventure!!!!

The relief façade along the sideway of the snow chamber depicts the concept of a winter downtown experience.

Theme Parks in Malaysia 2014

Theme Parks are the new travel trend in the last few years. And there have been quite a number of attractions popping up all around Malaysia.
This list of theme parks in Malaysia is to give fellow travelers and families a rough idea on where the parks are located and what they have to offer.

Foodies night out at Friday's The Curve

It has been a while since we stepped foot inside Friday's and since I got paid very recently, and decided to indulge myself and my loved ones, we went to Friday's for dinner.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Of mini cupcakes and mini donuts- House of Mini

There's a outlet at the IPC mall called House of Mini. They specialise in mini donuts and mini cupcakes.
Feast your eyes and palate to the many flavours available. These donuts and cupcakes are so cute and tempting you cannot resist them.
The price is also affordable. 6pcs for RM7 and/or 12pcs for RM12.
Check it out now...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bangkok shopping haven -Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall specializes in wholesale fashion clothing, bags and accessories, with four floors of shopping space, packed with over 1,300 shops. Here, haggling is part of the fun, and you’ll save more buying in larger quantities.
Platinum Fashion Mall location is in the centre of Pratunam, a 10-minute walk from either Ratchathewi or Chidlom BTS Skytrain, so it is easily accessible when compared to other clothing bazaars of the same scale. Plus, it’s air conditioned and comes complete with a large food court on the top floor as well as cafés and fast food chains.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014: Important Tips for Using ATMs and Avoiding Credit Card Cloning

If you've purchased a ticket to Brazil for the World Cup or even for a holiday, this is definitely something that you should be aware of. Besides, even if you have no immediate plans to go there, most of these tips are applicable even in Malaysia. After all, better safe than sorry!

Unforgettable school holidays in Genting

Don't know what to do for the school holidays? Great news!!!
Resorts World Genting is offering great school holiday deals.
From RM250 nett, two adults and two children are entitled to a night stay at First World Hotel, inclusive of breakfast and dinner. The deal comes with Peter Marvey tickets or SnowWorld tickets, saving guests a whopping RM221.
There is also a two-day, one-night stay offer from RM88 or 8,800 rewards point via iHoliday Best Deals.
The show, Peter Marvey; Magician Without Limits, is taking place at the Genting International

Peter Marvey- Magic Without Limits show..

Peter Marvey is the world's leader in magical flying and levitation. He made it possible to fly in bright light and was the first magician to change costumes in mid air. Peter Marvey is ready to surprise and leave spectators in a state of disbelief with his jaw-dropping acts at Peter Marvey: Magician Without Limits!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Booking a hotel via Agoda

Booking a hotel via Agoda or other apps is pretty simple...and there are times you get really good value for your hotel stay.
First download the app and open it. This will be the page that comes up first..
Key in the town/city you are headed for and the number of guests, nights, rooms and so on and 'search'

Ah Cheng Laksa at eCurve

My little girl is a fan of Ah Cheng Laksa. And she was complaining she hadn't had some in a while.. So when we pop into the restaurant in eCurve. 
This was a surprise because this was actually a restaurant unlike the other smaller outlets in the KL Festival City or Avenue K which I frequent.

Outside the restaurant