Saturday, May 31, 2014

Travel Diary-Day 7

Woke up and watched the flat screen TV in my container/room. The room was definitely cosy here at Hipbox 26. The resort was colourful and pretty. Only thing I did not like so much was that bit was too far to town for walking. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Travelling to and from Koh Samui to Donsak

I went to Koh Samui on a whim, an impromptu visit. And got my tickets last minute so I had the chance ton get on a really great boat and a so so boat.
Let me share my experience...
The price is basically not much difference. I paid about 350 bahts from the train station in Surat Thani to Nathorn Pier in Koh Samui and another 150 bahts from the pier to the hotel doorstep via their van. All these were via the Lomprayah high speed catamaran company.

Hip Box 26 Boutique Hotel

With an outdoor pool and a mini fitness centre, Hip Box 26 Boutique Resort Suratthani is located in the Surat Thani city centre. It supposedly has an on-site restaurant serving a la carte menu but I only saw 3 items being offered whilst I was there.

Travel diary - Day 6

Woke up about 5 am. My room mate from Britain was still asleep. Quietly I got up and left the room at about 5.30am and walked across the road to the Ark Bar Resort. I could still here music pounding so it means curfew wasn't quite curfew on their property. Some of the 24 hour shops were opened too.
I.walked to the beach and saw the first orangey streaks of dawn in the sky.

Behind The Scene Hostel Club @ Samui

This was my second choice actually, and I had not booked any hostels in Koh Samui as it was an impromptu thingie.
I had decided to scrap Hua Hin and Cha Am off my list for this trip and instead choose to stay a night in Koh Samui.
At first I was looking at the Baan Smile Hostel. It was small and the bed was nice.. But at that point of time, it wasn't fancy and I did not want to sleep alone.
So I scrapped the idea and with the heavy backpack, walked down the road til I came to yet another place. This one was worse and I couldn't wait to get out of there. The dorm stank. Finally I decided to find Behind The Scene Hostel Club as it looked real sweet in the pictures. And it was... Only thing was when I asked some tour guide/helpers.. They did not really know where it was until I asked a pharmacist who gave clear directions.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Happy Tourist SIM card is a must have for tourists in Thailand

I was wondering which SIM card to get to be able to call back or get on touch with my daughter but the Happy Tourist SIM card by dtac TriNet solve my problems and gave me what I wanted...
You just have to buy the card about 299 baht which is about RM30.

Saphaipae Hostel

me , in front of the hostel
Saphaipae  is a very stylish hostel in Bangkok's Silom area, just 5 minutes away from the Surasak BTS Skytrain Station. Both dormitory rooms and private rooms come with free Wi-Fi.
When I arrived here at Saphaipae I was in love with the deco. When I got to my room, I was amazed how plush and comfortable the bed and bedding were. The ladies only area was also cordoned off from others and we had our own entrance/exit. The place was very clean.

Travel diary- day 5

The train pulled into the Surat Thani station an hour and 5 minutes late.
I did not want to use the toilet because it was stinking even to where I was sitting/lying down on my bunk when someone went to ease himself/herself.
So upon arrival in Surat Thani, I rushed to the toilet and then out to where the Lomprayah ferry people were collecting their passengers.
Surat Thani railway station

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Travel Diary - Day 4

The bed at the Saphaipae hostel was heavenly. The dorm was certainly very clean and the bed was most comfy and the comforter and pillow... heavenly.
I really must say Saphaipae surpass my expectations in terms of cleanliness and service. The team was wonderfully accommodating

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photos of Ta Prohm and Banteay Kdei...

Uploading the pictures of Ta Prohm and Banteay Kdei taken via my mobile phone camera together because they are quite close to each other and I cannot differentiate which one is which..
My apologies but enjoy the beautiful views....

Travel Diary -Day 3

If yesterday I was tired from all the walking, today my ass is tired from all the sitting. It sure was a long journey. I checked out from Mad Monkey at 7 am and I was at the travel station at 7.15am and a van picked me up and went around picking people up before sending me to where a bus was waiting.
I boarded the bus. My travel buddy Khairul and I decided we wanted to save some money after finding Siem Reap kinda expensive. Everything is in USD!!! So to us Malaysians that is 3x and a little more of our money. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Preah Khan temple

Pictures at Preah Khan temple very close to the Bayon built by King Jayavarman VII for his father.. If I got my facts right from the so called self appointed tourist guide who brought me around...

Scenes at the Bayon /Angkor Thom

Here are candid pictures from my phone taken at the beautiful Bayon also known as Angkor Thom... Enjoy...

Angkor Wat

I will upload my handphone pictures of Angkor Wat now, first as WiFi here is simply amazing.. If I wait till I am back home, chances are it will take ages to upload... 

Angkor Wat is visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking rising 65 meters from ground level. Angkor Wat is the centerpiece of any visit to the temples of Angkor. 

King Suryavarman II constructed Angkor Wat in the form of a massive 'temple-mountain' dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It served as his state temple, though the temple’s uncommon westward orientation has led some to say that it was built as Suryavarman II’s funerary temple. 

Angkor Wat is surrounded by a moat and an exterior wall measuring 1300 meters x 1500 meters. The temple itself is 1 km square and consists of three levels surmounted by a central tower. There are about 2000 distinctive apsara carvings that decorate the walls throughout the temple and represent some of the finest examples of apsara carvings in Angkorian-era art. 

The small lake on the left side in front of Angkor Wat is the most popular (and crowded) sunrise location. The sun rises behind Angkor Wat providing a silhouette of the temple’s distinctively shaped towers against a colored sky. Some of the best colors appear just before the sun breaks over the horizon. Look at my pictures...

The visual impact of Angkor Wat, particularly on one's first visit, is awesome.I was truly overwhelmed by it's breathtaking splendour when I got my first my first view of it.

Not to visit Angkor Wat if you happen to be in Cambodia would truly be a crying shame.

Travel diary -Day 2

Woke up about 4am. Got ready and went downstairs and to my surprise Safy was already there.
He then sent me to Angkor Wat just in time for me to appreciate the views of the majestic Angkor Wat bathed in lights of was truly a breathtaking experience. I manage to take a picture myself of the gorgeous Angkor Wat at dawn and with reflection too!!! That was quite an achievement.. He he he one cross off the bucket list... Then a trip to Angkor Thom aka the Bayon.. And poses with one of the many faces of the " Buddha" or "deity" or the late king... Another cross off the bucket list..yeee haa!! After the Bayon, I walked pass the Terrace of the Elephants.. And Safy sent me to Preach Khan temple.... More walking.. And even lost my way... Coming out of the wrong side of the temple and panicking not seeing my driver around..then had to retrace my steps back again...then Safy sent me to Ta Prohm and lastly Banteay Kdei... By the time I reached Banteay Kdei.. My legs were like jelly and I was going through it halfheartedly... Though it was also very breathtaking..
This particular morning alone I took almost 400 photographs!!! Mostly on DSLR.. The ones here are via my mobile phone.. So follow me on my Facebook page.. I will upload all those pictures there for you to enjoy, if you like..
After that I was too exhausted and hungry. Safy, my driver took me ton the Muslim food kitchen for a meal. There was WiFi there so I logged on as I was suppose to meet a fellow backpacker .
Surprise, surprise.. He was just at the other restaurant opposite mine, so when I finished my lunch I caught up with him and we went to buy our bus tickets for tomorrow.
After buying our tickets, we split up and I went back to the hotel to rest.
Safy picked me up at 4pm as agreed upon and sent me to the old market area where I got some souvenirs. Then he brought me to the old site of the killing fields, now turned into a monastery for young monks. There were lots of skulls and bones of unidentified people killed there and found all in a huge glass case.
It was kinda sad.
Then I went to the National Museum but only loitered outside as it was also late and the museum was closing.. And Safy showed me the gardens near the royal palace of Cambodia's King.
After that, he sent me  back to mad monkey but I went exploring and found the Khmer Chef restaurant and decided to eat there.
Then I got back to the hostel room and started packing..and now it's time to call it a day....night ya'all.. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading.. Leave a comment or two if you like... And like my Facebook page please..
Thank you....

Mad Monkey Hostel

"I stayed at The Mad Monkey Siem Reap and now you can too! - simply use the voucher code MADMONKEYCLUB when you make your booking for an instant 7% discount from your room rate. Only available for online bookings on The Mad Monkey website and valid until the 1st of September and for my friends only!. Check the video out to see where i stayed!"

I chose the hostel because it looked good and it had a cute name.. And it was affordable. For a bed in a dorm of 12, you only pay USD8 per night and you also get a free welcome beer ( or drink ) at the roof top bar Top Banana..

I popped up there and was simply amazed. The people here has manage to turn a rooftop area into a beach!!! With cool paintings and a nice bar etc.. And also a hammock, cushions etc.. It really is cosy and oh my goodness.. Real beach sand..lots of ot you can literally sink your feet in and imagine yourself in some nice beach somewhere

And oh.. It has a most inviting pool downstairs though..

The bed is basic but clean. Maybe a tad messy since up to 12 people are sharing the same area but well, my room mates were from England, US, Holland etc.. And they were a good looking bunch and pretty friendly as well. 

Overall, the place is simple, basic and lots of fun and the location is awesome. You can walk to the night market and old market of you like by yourself. There are pharmacies, restaurants, almost everything you want all within walking distance. 

And there are tuk tuk drivers on standby. But the hostel can also arrange tours and so on for you if you like.

As a first time "backpacker" I did enjoy my two nights there.

You can too if you want.. Just click on the above link and enjoy!!!