Monday, March 31, 2014

Heart Attack in Women

Take note of the warning signs....

Monkey Mia dolphins and cruise...

Monkey Mia in Western Australia, is very famous for its dolphins encounter that has become a major tourism attraction.

In a truly amazing ritual that has been supposedly going on for over 40 years, a small number of wild dolphins come up to the beach on their own accord at Monkey Mia almost every day. These is truly amazing as they come and go on their own free will. These bottlenose dolphins are fed a small amount of fish up to three times a day between about 8am and 12pm. Department of Environment and Conservation staff supervise the feeding and ensure the wellbeing of the animals is maintained.

The chance to see dolphins is almost guaranteed and days when these wild dolphins do not visit the shore are rare.

You are however not allowed to touch the dolphins for fear of hurting or spooking them.

The journey to Monkey Mia is quite tedious though. The trip is approximately 850 km from Perth (around ten hours drive) and I took a bus there. There were two to three stops at petrol stations for toilet break or meals and it was an overnight bus trip.

Visitors come to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins, but there are also plenty of other things to see, do and enjoy!

You can get see  dugongs, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dolphins from the deck of a catamaran if you are lucky!

While I was there at Monkey Mia, I joined an hour long catamaran cruise on the Shotover and was lucky to see a dugong swimming as well as some dolphins.

It was sure exhilarating  since the Shotover was originally built as an ocean racer. She is about 18 metres long and 9 metres wide. And she established her reputation as the fastest ocean racer in the Southern Hemisphere on her maiden voyage.

So if you at in Western Australia.. Try to make it to Monkey Mia to see the awesome dolphins and take a cruise on the Shotover. It will be a trip you won't forget... Like mine...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lunch at Little Penang Kafe

As you step into the Little Penang Kafe, yup, it is spelled Kafe, you will be reminded of cafes or kopitiams in Penang back in the 70s or 80s because of the theme.

Little Penang Kafe specialises in authentic Penang Nyonya (combination/fusion of Chinese and Malay) food and Penang hawker delights such as assam laksa (noodle in spicy fish gravy soup) and nasi lemak (coconut rice served with sambal/chilli paste and anchovies).

It is the next best thing to the real authentic road side delights you may find in Penang, right here in Kuala Lumpur. You can enjoy your Penang favourites in a comfortable, clean and cosy environment.

We had lunch there recently. I ordered Curry Mee, Penang Char Koay Teow, Pie Tee and Red Ruby.

The  Curry Mee came with some curry broth that was thick and spicy with a hint of sweetness from the santan(coconut milk). The noodles(beehoon/ mee) came garnished with cockles, fish balls, prawns, tau fu pok and mint leaves. The sambal accompaniment was fragrant.  It gave the curry the extra kick.

If ordering the Char Koay Teow (flat rice noodles), you are warned on the menu that there is a 20 minutes wait time. It is because it is freshly fried to order. It's not very oily, the noodles are fried perfectly. You can opt for spicy or less spicy. Be sure to inform your server when he takes your order . The Char Koay Teow is served with prawns, bean sprouts, cockles and garnished with a bit of crab meat .

Pie tee is not easy to make, so it's not easy finding them served in many places. The crust hats are crunchy and light, the vegetable fillings just right and when dipped with the chilli sauce provided, they are undeniably delicious.

The Red Ruby is a combination of nangka(jackfruit) served together with dyed waterchessnut  and served with  santan (coconut milk) with shaved ice.

Then we had iced water which seemed to be given free but you have to pay for hot water . And my little girl ordered a Milo Ice.

The Little Penang Kafe here at the Curve has even been the choice of our PM to have a simple day out with his family a while back.

Our bill came up :-
Char Koay Teow  RM12.20
Curry Mee            RM12.20
Pie Tee                  RM 9.80
Red Ruby              RM 6.00
Hot Water.             RM1.00
Milo Ice.                 RM5.50

Total plus tax 10% service charge and 6% Government tax : RM54.15

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Enjoy old charm Fremantle

A short train ride from Perth or you can take a bus, a ferry or drive here from is about 19 kms away from Perth.

Fremantle is Western Australia's main port.  It was founded in 1829 by Captain Charles Howe Fremantle and known as "New Holland" back then.

Many of the gorgeous old buildings were built using convicts.

Fremantle is a beautiful historic city with some lovely colonial architecture leftover from the past.

There are lots of restaurants and bars around here and among those is a very lovely Dome Cafe.

So if you are around Western Australia..try to visit "Freo" OK...

Valley of the Giants

Add : Walpole-Nornalup National Park,  Nornalup WA 6333, Australia

Tel : +61 8 9840 1111

This is quite a fascinating place. It's called the Valley of the Giants at Pemberton.
While there, I got to explore the magical Tingle forest from different levels from an awe inspiring suspended steel construction which weaves through the tree tops called the tree top walk. It gives you a birds eye view. It could sway a little depending on the weather and crowd.
The tree top walk is a 600 metre walk, and at the top most path , you are a whooping 40 metres from the ground!!
You can also go for the ancient empire walk on ground level where you can gaze up at the Tingle forest . These trees are HUGE. Just the base of the trees are enormous, some almost 20 metres in circumference. They also come in naturally weird and wonderful shapes. You can park a car or camp in one of these trees figuratively speaking...
If you are brave enough, you can also try to climb one of those giants.
It was definitely unusual and a great experience.

Green eyes

There is very few things that make me green with envy. But when I hear of people travelling here and there.. I do feel green with envy.

Being an air stewardess was one of my ambition when I was little. How nice it would be to fly all over the world. Visit every country etc.

Unfortunately, I wasn't born tall,slim and gorgeous and I had the short sighted problem with my eyes that I had to depend on a thick pair of glasses.

I would have loved to be a tourist guide or so but I did not get the financial support from my parents who couldn't care less then.

So here I am stuck, but thank God I have been lucky to have had reasonably good amount of travels. But oh my wanderlusting spirit yearns for so much more.....

Oh well.. If I am lucky.. I will get there...

Caversham Wildlife Park and Cohunu Park

Caversham Wildlife Park (

Lord St, Perth WA 6068, Australia

+61 8 9248 1984

Cohunu Koala Park (

LOT 103 Nettleton Rd, Byford WA 6122, Australia

+61 8 9526 2966

At the Caversham Wildlife Park, I was lucky to be able to see a Tasmanian Devil, owls, kangaroos and koalas.

I wasn't able to touch or hold a koala though back then, but given the opportunity to cuddle and carry a huge baby wombat.

So, determined to cuddle a koala, I decided to check out the Cohunu Park as well and I had lots of fun there as well as had my wish come true which was to cuddle a koala.

However, though the koala might look cuddly and adorable, I had to wear a protective vest and warned that they had lethal claws and if threatened can cause considerable damage...

At the Cohunu Park, I also got to feed the black swans, kangaroos, deers and goats.
They also had quite a collection of ducks, eagle, owls and kookaburra...

So at the two great parks.. I got to cuddle both the wombat and the koala.

Perth , Western Australia

Perth is supposedly one of the world's most remote capital cities. It is located in Western Australia.

The population of Perth is about 1.3- 1.4 million.

I was there back in 2002 for a fortnight and enjoyed myself there a lot.

There are just so much to see, do and explore...

From the Swan Bells, which is one of the world's largest musical instruments to the Perth Zoo to Kings Park and so much more, not forgetting the surrounding area and wildlife parks.

Perth is fascinating... At least to me...
And from KL, it is just about 5 - 5 1/2 hours on flight..

Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel quotes that speaks my mind

Here are some travel quotes that speak from my heart.... And every other people inflicted with wanderlust... Hehehe

Portuguese Baked Fish

Have you tried this before? It is called the Portuguese Baked Fish and it is tasty with the taste of shrimps and chilli.

We had this at the Sogo departmental store food court .

This particular dish was the Portuguese Baked Dory fish and vegetables and cost RM7.50

Comes with bits of dory fish, four angled beans and okra/ladies finger and served with white rice.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 things to take note at Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is a well known tourist attraction and it is also considered an Hindu pilgrimage site visited by thousands of Hindus worldwide especially during Thaipusam.

The other famous attraction at Batu Caves is the 42.7 meters high giant golden statue of Murugan and there is definitely no way of missing it!

But before you visit the Batu Caves, there are five things you might take into consideration. I hope this might help you be more prepared and make your visit more memorable.

1. Get ready to climb 272 steps to Temple Cave.

It is exhausting to climb 272 steps but it is worth it! It is not that strenuous. Anyone with good health condition can reach the top without difficulty. There are lots of locals who come here to climb the steps, go down the steps and repeat for exercise early in the mornings, especially on weekends.
Remember to wear comfortable shoes, which make a pair of sport shoes a good choice. And once you reach the top, all your hard work will pay off. The Temple Cave is definitely unique.

2. Beware of the monkeys!

Be sure to take extra care of your belongings especially if you are bringing food. These macaque monkeys have the tendency to freak out the visitors. They move so quickly that you will never know what they are up to next. Do not make too much eye contact with them. Just continue climbing the steps and try not to be so close to the monkeys. You can take pictures of the monkeys, but be careful and avoid irritating them.

3. Show respect for it is a religious site.

The Batu Caves is a religious site and from time to time, you can witness Hindus worshiping. Keep your voices low and help keeping the caves clean by not littering will be very helpful. Avoid vandalism for it will destroy the caves itself.

Batu Caves will be the busiest during Thaipusam. It is an event where devotees honour their promises for prayers answered or make new request to the Lord Murugan by carrying kavadis, milk and such as offerings up the 272 step sometimes barefoot or even pierced by certain kavadis.

They also shave their head as part of the offerings and smash coconuts.

4. Try some rock climbing routes.

This is for the mountain/rock wall climber enthusiasts and sporty/adventurous type of people. There is said to be a total of 170 rock climbing routes.

5. Explore the other caves as well!
Lastly, in order to complete your Batu Caves visit, it would be great to explore the other caves around the area too. The Batu Caves consists of three main caves which are the Temple Cave, Dark Cave, and the Art Gallery Cave known as the Cave Villa.

The biggest one which has 100-meter high ceiling is the Temple Cave. This is the one which you need to go up and climb the 272 steps. It is just amazing how high the ceiling of the cave is. You will even find a large opening as you walk farther back.

As for the Dark Cave, rock formations are the main stars. You can find amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations here. You have to pay a fee and follow the tour.

And if you wish to see reptiles and paintings inside a cave, just go to Cave Villa. It is an enchanting place to be at. You will learn more as statues and paintings about Hinduism are displayed in this cave.

There is a huge pond outside the cave where you can take pictures or feed the ducks and fishes as well. There are one or two stalls selling fish food. I always buy a packet or two to feed the fishes and the pigeons. It cost about rm2.00

There are also a few smaller caves around the area if you like to explore further.

There you are. These are the important things you should know before heading to Batu Caves. Remember to bring extra water if you wish to explore all the caves, for it can be really exhausting.

There are also hundreds of pigeons on the grounds of the Batu Caves which fascinates visitors as well. And.. Don't forget to take a picture with a huge statue of Hanuman, the monkey deity as well at the far left side (near the Batu Caves commuter station) of the Batu Caves (facing)

Address: Batu Caves Sri Subramaniam Temple, Batu Caves 68100, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact Number: 603-22879422

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Darjelling Boutique Hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The Darjelling Boutique Hotel is located on a quiet street off Sukhumvit Avenue, the heart of Bangkok, Darjelling hotel is less than a 5-minute walk from 2 Sky Train Stations

Guests will enjoy its contemporary and laid-back atmosphere.
Terminal 21 Shopping Center and the luxury Emporium Department Store are just about 10-15 minutes away on foot.

Srinakharinwirot University and The Siam Society are also located just north of Asok Station.

Rooms at the Darjelling Boutique Hotel come with modern amenities, including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and free Wi-Fi. Private bathrooms and a refrigerator are standard.

The staff at the reception can help with currency exchange and laundry services, as well as tours and excursions.

I stayed here because of it's location and the price. It is very affordable at about RM100 per night.

There as a bit of a problem when checking it as they allocated me a dirty room but they rectified it soon after and the room as clean and nice after they cleaned it up.

Overall, I would say it is value for money. Don't expect too much and you will enjoy the hotel and the atmosphere.

A visit to Madame Tussauds in Bangkok

At Madame Tussaud's Bangkok.. with Christiano Ronaldo's wax figure
Madame Tussauds Bangkok is located at the top floor of the Siam Discovery Center.
With 10 different sections decorated in real-life themes, the museum feels more like a journey from one time-warp to the next –

Lady Di next to Mao Zedong, Pablo Picasso and his Cubist painting next to Thailand’s leading and somewhat eccentric forensic pathologist Dr. Porntip Rojanasunan in her full rock star regalia, Barak and Michelle Obama in their Oval Office next to Aung San Suu Kyi and the Dalai Lama.

Out of the 10 sections, The Royal Room is the most elegant and culturally significant, as it showcases the wax figures of HRH Prince Mahitala Thibed Adulyadej and HRH Princess Srinagarindra, the late parents of His Majesty the King. All the decorative elements in this room are meticulously planned down to the tiniest details, whether the royal costumes, colour scheme, floral graphic patterns and music, all of which received the Royal endorsement from the Thai Royal family. This is the only room in which you are not allowed to touch the figures.

A controversial political personality, Chairman Mao seems to get more attention from visitors than Princess Diana or Queen Elizabeth II.

The most photographed area is probably a section of the Oval Office, with the U.S. President and First Lady posing there.

How about a round of tee off with Tiger Woods?

Excuse me Mr Beckham

Justin Bieber and yours truly...

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal

earning some martial arts with Jackie Chan is awesome

.. so is having fun with Doraemon...

t is interesting sitting down with Oprah to discuss world issues

ate Winslet looks stunning in red

y 2 heroes... my son Adam and Nicholas Cage

earn to strut like Michael Jackson

rush shoulders with the VIPs starting with Princess Diana

un Mahathir... another of my heroes....

ow nice to meet the queen....

Monday, March 24, 2014

Press statement from our PM on MH370


This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB). They informed me that Inmarsat, the UK company that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern and southern corridors, has been performing further calculations on the data. Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.

Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth.

This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

We will be holding a press conference tomorrow with further details. In the meantime, we wanted to inform you of this new development at the earliest opportunity. We share this information out of a commitment to openness and respect for the families, two principles which have guided this investigation.

Malaysia Airlines have already spoken to the families of the passengers and crew to inform them of this development. For them, the past few weeks have been heartbreaking; I know this news must be harder still. I urge the media to respect their privacy, and to allow them the space they need at this difficult time.

Now let's pray for the search of the black box

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Very recently, ALCATEL ONETOUCH unveiled the IDOL X+ to bring life-like realism to content by perfectly matching design with performance.

The IDOL X+ combines a 5” Full HD 441ppi display and 13.1 Mpxl 1080p camera with an Octa Core 2 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM, all in an ultra-trim handset that is just 7.9mm thin. Built with content in mind, the IDOL X+ brings vibrant colour to pictures and video.

It is finely-tuned to unleash the full power of the Octa Core processor for smooth web browsing, immersive gameplay and compelling 3D graphics but is also frugal when it comes to power consumption.

The new processor increase battery efficiency in which it reduces 18% in power consumption versus a Quad Core chip when decoding Full HD video. It also includes clever performance tweaks like allocating each web page tab to a different CPU to mean smooth but fast browsing.

Despite the power hidden under the hood, the exterior of the IDOL X+ keeps to the slim, sleek styling of the IDOL series. IDOL X+ takes styling and choice to the next level with its unique IML spin effect and the brushed metallic frame.

The “0” bezel and borderless, 2.4mm edge to edge design means that pictures and videos fill the available space. Added to the market-leading more than 170 degree viewing angle offered by the Full HD IPS display, the IDOL X+ is ideal to show off pictures and videos to family and friends.

The perfectly designed side speakers produce louder and quality sound, supporting SACD’s 24 bit/192 KHz playback which is 4 times better then CD. Listen to the music in style with JBL (trademark) earphones which is included in all IDOL X+ retail box. 

For a limited time, IDOL X+ is also bundled with a Bluetooth-enabled wristband fitness tracker called BOOMBand for the Malaysia market. BOOMBand uses a LED system to pass on notifications to IDOL X+ via a companion app. The tracker monitors movement and sleep, plus it will warn user if it loses contact with the phone.

IDOL X+ is retailed at RM1,299 and available nationwide.

IDOL X+ features  include:
*5” Full HD IPS display
*Octa Core  GHz, 2 GB RAM
*13.1 Mpxl Full HD main camera
*2 Mpxl 1080p front camera
*Hi-Fi sound with JBL (trademark) earphones
*HD video
*7.9mm thin

I am in love with this new IDOL X+... won't you be too? Check it out!!!!! If I get it it will definitely be my BFF for the next 2-3years... fingers crossed

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tous Les Jours in Bukit Bintang

This is Malaysia's tallest electronic bill board. It is located at the WOLO building in Bukit Bintang at the crossroads right across the road from Lot 10.
Below that is the Tous Les Jours (pronounced TOO-LEH-JOO) French-Asian bakery franchise chain that serves a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients from Korea
Tous Les Jours has definitely started to be a cool hangout here in Bukit Bintang because of the beautiful European concept and relaxing atmosphere. Definitely high society style and classy..
The selection of bread, pastries, cakes and buns are to die for...
cream cakes, tiramisus, etc...
Some selection of drinks from US and also Korea
One of my favourites.. the Roly Poly strawberry roll ( I think) it has cream, strawberry jam inside it but almonds and peanuts on top.. Really scrumptious.. one is never enough...

If you happen to be around Bukit Bintang , be sure to stop by here...
Address: WOLO Bukit Bintang
126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-4065 0088